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Weekly Issues of the Coffee News Triangle with local advertisements.

What's Happening?

The Coffee News® Triangle is happy to support Non-profits, schools, towns & cities, and other community organizations. Submit an upcoming event to be advertised in the Coffee News®.  

Important Information When

Entering an Event:  

  • Please use acceptable punctuation and grammar

  • 255 characters, one paragraph – please do not try to make multiple paragraphs

  • Event Location – select which editions you would like your event to appear in

  • Please be sure to write the start/end date and time, as well as the location of the event in the EVENT DESCRIPTION BOX

  • Ensure your event description includes contact info: Email/Phone/Website

Thank you for reading the Coffee News®

Choose Editions

Thank you for letting us promote our community!

More information

This service is available to nonprofit and community organizations only. As demand for this service is high, submissions are not guaranteed to appear in Coffee News. Please note that as a free service, you will not be notified if your event is included online or in Coffee News. To guarantee ad space, contact us.

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