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A note from Coffee News Triangle

Due to family obligations, the Coffee News Triangle has made the decision to stop distribution in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. 

Thank you to our restaurant partners and readers for supporting us during our time in the community. If you have questions or are interested in becoming a Publisher of the Coffee News, please reach out to

Cartoon of People enjoying the coffee news

Good News,
Every Week!



Our "positive news only", Hyper-local, community-driven paper is coming to restaurants, coffee shops and waiting rooms near you!


Effective and exclusive advertising

wrapped up in an fun, entertaining, and positive publication is what the Coffee News® is all about! 

Weekly Issues of the Coffee News Triangle with local advertisements.

What's the Coffee News® Triangle?


Fresh weekly issues of Coffee News® Triangle can be found in locations throughout the local community. Everyone can enjoy this free, fun, weekly publication in local restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, professional offices, community buildings, and other local businesses where people have a few minutes to read good news and fun features while waiting. 

Everything in Coffee News®  Triangle is positive and entertaining, including unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, horoscopes, and contests. Our What’s Happening section is dedicated to listing local events taking place throughout our community! Non-profits and community organizations are welcome to submit their events for our "What's Happening?"section for FREE

Coffee News Guy! Look for the Coffee News Guy in your weekly local issue.

Advertise in the Coffee News® Triangle



Your local business needs to be marketed  to your local community. Our highly visible, targeted, hyper-local editions are perfect for reaching customers. We can help you decide which market area is best for you! 


We offer repetitive advertising that is less expensive than other print media. Equal ad sizes and rotating placement means no ad is left behind. The Coffee News® is read 3 meals a day/7 days a week. Repetition and consistency bring results!


Lock-Out your competition with category exclusive advertising. All ads are exclusive, which means no other company in your industry or profession can advertise in the same edition while your ad is running! 


Our ads are affordable compared to other marketing options. Our focus is on community, so we provide cost-effective choices for every business size. Our weekly contests ensure customers look through the ads, creating more visibility for a fraction of the price!

Recycled Paper
Coffee News Guy Contest! Look for the Coffee News Guy in your weekly local issue.

Coffee News® Contest!

 Did you find the (really tiny) 

Coffee News® guy in this week's issue? Enter to win $50! 

Outdoor Local Triangle Event. What's happening advertises local events.

What's Happening?

 Non-profits, schools and community organizations can advertise for free!

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